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Crown of Flowers Duology

A dark crusade that explores the curse of immortality,

a ten thousand year war, and the courage that blooms from the ashes of despair. 

Book One

crown of flowers cover-3.jpg


Fantasy, Romance, Dystopia

Progress: Outlining

"Immorality isn’t living forever. It’s everyone else dying."

-Crown of Flowers

"I unsheathe the heavy sword, holding it up to the light, and watching it glint and flash in deadly cadence. A silver weapon. A tool of warfare. Like me."

-Crown of Flowers

"The sea became my cure. My courage, my freedom, my friend."

-Crown of Flowers

Book Two

Copy of crown of flowers cover.jpg


Fantasy, Romance, Dystopia

Progress: Concept development

"Even the courageous are afraid. It's merely what they do with their fear that determines their victory."

-Whisper of Wings

"There, among the trees I see her. Shrouded by mist and sapphire. Curiosity chills me as well as her silence. Terrible, beckoning silence."

-Whisper of Wings

"They use me as an excuse for cowardice."

-Whisper of Wings

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