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5 Practical Ways to Invite God into the Writing Process

Updated: Apr 6

5 practical ways to invite God into the writing process

Writing with God is a journey, and is something that has changed both my perspective and my stories for the better. And if you're anything like me, you also have the same desire: to not only glorify and write for God but to write with Him as well.

There was a time when I didn’t write with God, and let me tell you, writing solo ran me into a rut far too many times. Long story short, it never brought me the satisfaction I was looking for.

It wasn't until God met me when I was editing a difficult project that I began to realize how independent I had become instead of trusting and surrendering to the One who gave me a love for writing in the first place. And while I am nowhere near perfect, I have learned much over the years.

So, here are five things that have helped me recenter on Christ, invite Him into the writing process, and glorify Him with my words in an intentional way. I hope they're an encouragement to you.

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Steffany Gretzinger, a worship leader that I look up to, was asked in an interview, "How can you stand in front of thousands of people?"

Her answer has always stuck with me. She said, "Because it comes back to the One."

Worship is a heart posture of gratitude, awareness, delight, and praise for Jesus and all that He has done. You don't have to be in church singing in order to worship God. Everything we do should bring honor and praise to Jesus.

You can worship and touch God with your writing. However, I believe this comes down to pursuing a deep and intimate relationship with Christ outside of our writing and letting our art be an overflow of being in that secret, sacred place with Jesus.

Being in the season where it's just you and God writing together with no one else to see is a beautiful thing, and living and writing from that secret place will prepare you for when your writing gets more recognition.

Recall all that He has done for you and all that He is doing as you pour out your heart to Him through your writing. Minister to the Lord first, by giving him joy and admiration with your words. It's not about you and me. It's not about our writing. It's about Jesus. He is the reward.

Writing with Jesus is not only about inviting Him into the writing process, but into every aspect of our personal lives. It's our relationship with Him outside of writing will truly overflow into our processes and projects.

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Prayer used to be something I took lightly, but God has been teaching me recently how powerful and necessary it is. I find that whenever I pray before I write, I both feel better and write better. Prayer is a reminder to me of how much I need God and how holy, mighty, and beautiful He is. It also helps me recognize and trust in His enoughness.

It's also powerful to pray against certain strongholds in writing such as perfectionism, writer's block, distractions, and discouragement.

The more time I've spent with Jesus, the more I've learned that prayer is not a religious practice, but a genuine conversation with God. Talking to my Creator as a friend (or my writing buddy, if you will) has given me greater confidence both as a person and a writer. It has also reassured me that I am never alone and that He is fighting on my behalf.

So pray over your writing. Pray over other authors. Pray that the right words would flow and that God would give you a heart posture of grace and humility. Pray for courage and discipline. And most of all, pray for His will to be done in your writing above your own.


I've found that the more I read God's Word the more it seeps into my mind, heart, and my writing. Writers are told to read in their genre to gain experience and ideas, but what if we let the Bible be the main book that fuels and inspires our stories? I would love to grow more in that area.

One of my high school classes was surveying and studying the New Testament. I honestly thought it was going to be boring, but I was SO wrong. My eyes were opened in an entirely new way to the Bible, its timeline, and the literary techniques used throughout.

I have learned so much about the storytelling craft and I have improved as a writer just by reading the Bible, by paying close attention to the language and literary devices being used, and by asking the Holy Spirit to help me understand. God has shown me verses and stories that were just what I needed to shape my plot and characters. His Word refines, strengthens, and encourages.

What are some ways the Bible impacted your writing journey?

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My mindset completely shifted when I stopped just acknowledging God and began to actively and intentionally include Him in my writing. I am still working on this. As I said before, writing with God is a journey and a daily act of surrender.

Talk with God about your writing! Process ideas with Him and ask Him what He thinks. Rant about your story and work through plot holes with Him. Celebrate the joys of writing together, and let Him carry you through the hard and discouraging days. He is our writing buddy, after all.

One week, I was so frustrated with a story that I was considering giving up. I asked God what He thought of my writing and what He wanted me to do to move forward. He led me to 2 Corinthians 12:9 which says, "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness...". It was exactly what I needed at the time.

I've found that there is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than creating with the Creator. On the days when I truly make an effort to invite God into my writing and when I'm mindful of His presence, I experience a deep sense of purpose and joy.

What are some active ways that you can include Jesus in your creative life and thought process?


The best stories are the ones that point to The Greatest Story. That is, the one you and I are living in now. Recognizing who God is and what he has done for you is a powerful way to center your writing on Him.

Being mindful of how God is working in my life and letting that influence and infuse my writing has changed everything for me. It not only gave my stories more meaning but the struggles and questions God brought me through were able to reach and touch other people.

Think of a difficult time in your life that God used for good. How did He bring you through it? I know I can think of countless in my life -- big and small. Those circumstances are precious moments that can bleed into your stories and offer hope and redemption to others.

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I am far from perfect. Just like you, I face writer's block, procrastination, and perfectionism. Sometimes, I struggle with even having the motivation to pray. That is all normal.

The difference is that Christ takes our weaknesses and turns them into strength. You can run to Him with all of your struggles, joys, and plot holes. He wants to help you, carry you, and give you rest. He gave you a passion for words for a reason, and He will bring it to completion. ❤️


How do you invite God into the writing process? What is your biggest roadblock when it comes to writing (writer's block, perfectionism, etc.)? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Now go change the world,



Out of all the things I struggle with in writing, this is the biggest. For whatever reason, my relationship with God and writing have always been separate categories in my brain and, let me tell you, it has been a FIGHT to bridge the gap. This is super helpful, though!! Thank you. ^_^

Ava Hope
Ava Hope
Feb 10
Replying to

I understand that quite a lot. You're definitely not alone there. Ah, good, I'm so glad this could help! *hugs*


Ava, this was so lovely. 🥺 And definitely something I've been dwelling/meditating on lately. <3 Could I repost this on by blog?? 💙

Replying to

I've been pretty good. <3 Keeping busy. How are you? Eep, thank you! I'm so excited.


I loved your five points! They are good.

For me, the biggest thing has been giving it to God. He doesn't need it, but He accepts it, and giving Him our work is our greatest and fullest act of joy. It's a writer's unique way of glorifying Him in what we do, and when we do hand over our minds and souls and hands to write His words, we get something far better than if we horded them like Smaug his gold. God gives us joy, contentment, and purpose. It's like, as Phil Wickham sings "trading in a star to get the universe."

My roadblock? For me, it's been a desire to do something with my writing. I strum a…

Ava Hope
Ava Hope
Jan 25
Replying to

Wow, thank you for sharing! Amen, I love that. "Trading in a star to get a universe." It's so true! That's a very real struggle as well... I can relate. Thank you for reading and commenting, Noah!


You're so right! So often we forget to include God in the writing process, or think that He doesn't care about our stories. BUT HE DOES. He's always answered my prayers for guidance and help, even if the answer doesn't look like what I expected. 😅 Thank you for sharing this amazing post, Ava! 🥰

Ava Hope
Ava Hope
Jan 25
Replying to

I love that, Saraina! Same here <33 You're so welcome, thank you for reading! 😊

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